Enjoy each kilometre

Jeanne Korevaar

Doing miles in the polders and on the dikes

“When I am at training camp and ride for hours through the mountains, I enjoy it. A mountain landscape is pretty much the most beautiful setting that you can wish for as a cyclist. Once at home in South Holland, it is wonderful to make miles in the beautiful polders, along the windmills and on the dikes. In races­­­ there is less room to enjoy, you are very focused on the race itself. Although I must say that a crowded Paterberg in the Tour of Flanders is amazing.”

Evy Kuijpers

Pure tranquility, only the humming of the derailleur

“What I really like is to get up early in the winter and then leave home for a tour. I take off behind where I live and go straight to the Strabrechtse Heide in Heeze. In the morning, nature is at its best here. There is dew above the fields, the animals are still waking up. You hear nothing or nobody, only the soft humming of the derailleur. I prefer to ride in wintertime and alone, because then the rural feeling is even greater than when you are with a group. It’s busier in the summer.”

Inge van der Heijden

Enjoying the winding roads in the woods

“The bike brings you to beautiful places. You pass where you otherwise do not easily come or think about. I like the winding roads in the woods. I really enjoy cycling there. With the cross bike I ride over the unpaved sections, with the road bike I take the asphalt roads. Sometimes the scenery is so beautiful that I just squeeze the brakes to quickly grab my smartphone. Forests and water are a perfect backdrop for a beautiful photo.”

Pauliena Rooijakkers

A satisfied feeling in Mallorca

“There is nothing better than being outside. You get far on a bike and you ride past beautiful places. If I have the choice myself, I like to go to Mallorca. It is wonderful cycling and the training conditions are ideal. You have flat roads, but also mountains, such as the Randa and Sóller. If you have cycled over the island for a couple of hours and have done your block training well, you can roll out during the last hour. After returning you have a satisfied feeling. Pure joy!”